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Magethi Industrial Psychology Services was founded by Mirriam Magethi who has extensive experience as well as various qualifications in the industry. She is passionate about psychology and spreading the company’s services to outskirt areas.

Magethi Industrial Psychology Services is affiliated with the various bodies in the industry, HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa), SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa) and SAMLA (South African Medico-Legal Association). We conduct ourselves within the best industry standards.


Magethi Industrial Psychology Services is a registered South African company with offices in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Nelspruit. The company puts its clients first in all its services. Magethi Industrial Psychology Services is ran by a team of passionate people who are ready to assist you throughout all the services you require from us.

Industrial psychologists contribute to an organization’s success by improving the performance, motivation, job satisfaction, occupational safety and health, as well as the overall health and well-being of its employees. An Industrial psychologist conducts research on employee behaviours and attitudes, and how these can be improved through hiring practices, training programs, feedback, and management systems. Industrial psychologists also help organizations and their employees’ transition during periods of change and organization development.


To establish past and future loss of income by gathering statements regarding the claimant’s earning capacity through his or her early childhood development, family background, educational level, knowledge and skill set, employment history, vocational plans, past earning history as well as other relevant circumstances. Collateral information is also obtained.


1.2.1 Psychometric tests

Psychometric assessment (TRAM 1 and 2, APIL B etc.). The purpose of learning potential tests is to identify candidates with the greatest potential to learn new skills and knowledge, particularly those skills which are crucial to success in the workplace and training or educational programs. Instead of evaluating the individual’s past skill acquisition, this aims at assessing the person’s capacity to learn in the future.

Learning potential batteries are best used in a developmental context. The scores indicate the degree to which the candidate is likely to be able to learn and master cognitively demanding new challenges of an occupational or educational nature. Because the test material is deliberately unrelated to any particular discipline, the scores do not give a direct indication of which career direction would be most appropriate for the individual.

1.2.2 Comprehensive Interview Form

The Comprehensive Interview Form assists in compiling a comprehensive report by gathering information pertaining to the claimant’s early childhood development, family background, educational level, employment history, pre-morbid and post-morbid health status as well as other relevant circumstances.

1.2.3 Consent Form

The Consent Form is used to reassure claimant that information provided during assessment will remain confidential and to ensure the claimant understands the purpose of the assessment and to ensure that the claimant is partaking in the assessment willingly.

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